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Average COVID-19 Cases Show Decline

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While Orange County continues to report surges in coronavirus cases, the Health Care Agency has clarified that the cases reported each day do not necessarily pertain to the prior 24-hour period due to delays in lab reporting.

The cases are instead allotted to the date on when the individuals tested positive, and published to a chart on the new county database rolled out last month.

The chart indicates that average daily coronavirus cases are on the decline.

There were 612 average daily cases reported in the week ending July 5, the most recent available day due to the fluctuating case numbers as mentioned above, which marks an 18% decline from the 745 average cases reported in the week ending June 28, when the county appeared to hit a new peak.

These figures are still subject to change as the county inputs new data.

Average deaths also appear to be on the decline.

In the two weeks ending July 10, there were about 6.5 deaths reported each day on average, which was nearly half the 12.3 deaths reported in the two weeks prior.

There are 26,120 cases and 215 deaths to date; 5% of cases and 53% of deaths are from assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

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