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Alteryx: Big Data, Big Dreams in Irvine

The newly unveiled Spectrum Terrace headquarters of Alteryx Inc. (NYSE: AYX) are expected to entice its employees—an estimated 350 of the data analytics software firm’s approximately 2,000 full-time employees are in Orange County—to return to the office.

People are encouraged to be in the offices on “Together Tuesdays,” and at other appropriate times, says President and Chief Revenue Officer Paula Hansen: “You should come into the office for moments that matter,” such as key department meetings and other relevant gatherings, she said.

There are numerous sizeable ground-level gathering spaces, and a connected gallery area above for several hundred staffers to listen to company updates in person.

That said, “we do a flexible working model. We see that there is a lot of value in people coming together, especially when you build facilities like this,” Hansen said.


Customer Draw

The offices are also expected to serve as a draw for current and future customers, via its immersive experience center (see story, page 1).

“My mantra to my global sales organization is everyone should be bringing their customers through here, once a year,” Hansen said.

Hansen and colleagues Emily Valla, Laura Groshans and Bridget Phelps this month gave the Business Journal a tour of its new headquarters and experience center. Here and on the following pages are a selection of scenes from the company’s new base, one of the largest new corporate headquarters to open in Orange County in several years.

Alteryx was co-founded 25 years ago by Dean Stoecker, Olivia Duane Adams and Ned Harding. The restored 1960’s-era VW van acts as a symbol of the company’s journey over the years, and made the move to Spectrum Terrace from its prior spot at Irvine’s Park Place.

The van counts a small meeting space, and has beer taps at the back.

Meeting rooms for client chats, even areas for quiet phone chats as shown above, are prevalent in the Alteryx Experience Center.

It’s all part of the company’s plans to work up some magic for users and would-be users—right up to the CEO level.

“We believe that this is really going to be a game changer for a lot of our relationships,” according to President Paula Hansen of the overall experience center space.

“This is very much meant for customers and partners,” she says of the experience center. “It’s really about creating very immersive and personalized sort of curated experiences for our customers.”

Alteryx is one of several full-building tenants at Spectrum Terrace, the 73-acre office campus along the San Diego (405) Freeway and Laguna Canyon Road that counts nine buildings and a variety of enticing amenities, including an Olympic-length swimming pool, dining and a fitness center.

Alteryx occupies an entire building and half of another at the campus, which is finishing up its last phase of construction.

The software company’s 183,000-square-foot lease, signed a couple years ago, started with monthly rents at $3.30 per square foot. Rents gradually climb to just over $4 in the seventh year of the lease, according to regulatory filings.

Bridget Phelps, the experience center manager, shows off one notable feature at the experience center, a huge display wall with the videos explaining how Signet Jewelers uses Alteryx software, from incorporating data on demographics, sales, prices to the merits of an indoor visit during COVID.

“They use our software to crunch through all of that data and information and then that helps them make decisions,” Hansen says of the company’s analytics software.

Food and drinks are not in short supply at the base, from the food counter complete with espresso machine to a functioning bar, and meeting rooms that can double for dining spots for guests. Full meals are often cooked up for corporate guests and important events, officials say.

The company had almost 2,000 full-time employees as of Dec. 31.
It was advertising for 245 jobs on its website as of Aug. 8.

Hansen sums up some of the attraction for Alteryx as a company:
Orange County is “arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world” with nearby features ranging from beaches to Hollywood.

“There’s just a lifestyle here that people can appreciate. When they come here and see it for themselves, that sort of cements the deal,” the company president says.

Surf vibes are prominent in the offices. Along with decorative items, breakout rooms feature local names like Seal Beach, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

The SoCal office location is expected to draw guests from around the world—drawn here in part by the great Southern California climate.

European and Asian corporate clients “welcome an opportunity to come, particularly to an area of the world that’s as beautiful as Orange County,” Hansen said.

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Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe
Tech reporter at Orange County Business Journal

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