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Hiperwall Introduces New Video Wall Capabilities

Irvine-based software maker Hiperwall Inc. has introduced the latest update to its software that powers video wall displays at 3,000 sites in 71 countries, including police dispatch centers, network operations centers, security operation centers, corporate offices and more.
CEO Tom Scott told the Business Journal late last month that the new version has improved the performance and capabilities of video walls powered by its software, without the need for additional hardware.

“We’ve added support for more external sources with less hardware investment,” according to Scott.
The company has also introduced its new Hiperwall Essentials bundles, allowing small- and medium-sized businesses to get into a full-featured, Hiperwall-powered video wall for less than $10,000, including the hardware.

Local users include the University of California, Irvine, as well as the Irvine Police Department and the Santa Ana Police Department for their dispatch centers—all of which can upgrade to version 7.0.
Some other sample customers that will be using Hiperwall 7.0 include the New York Police Department, space agency NASA, Warner Brothers and airline JetBlue.

Hiperwall began as a research project funded by the National Science Foundation at UCI in 2004.
International Growth 

Scott said the company is extremely strong in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.
“Major companies in the Middle East are heavily investing in technologies that streamline their operations,” he said.

For example, Saudi companies “are looking to foster greater team collaboration, improve communications and keep tabs on deployed assets and industrial IoT (Internet of Things) data,” Scott said. “Our video wall technology allows these organizations to do exactly that, in a seamless, intuitive manner, with software that is easy to use.”

The company said its Hiperwall software is what experts call “hardware agnostic” and supports any hardware and displays available, meaning it can power any video wall layout utilizing any kind of display type, such as LCD/LED panels, projectors and direct-view LED displays, from any brand.

Scott said the company’s HiperView Quantum technology makes video performance on direct-view LED video walls smooth and seamless, especially as active motion content is displayed across two display controllers.

The new version handles over three times more internet-based content sources per source PC than the previous version 6.0, integrates with video management systems (VMS) and offers video playback performance on dvLED walls.

“Hiperwall now lets decision makers see and analyze more data with less hardware driving the video wall,” according to the company.
IntelSat, UCI 

The company says some sites using its technology include:

• IntelSat in Ellenwood, Ga., to monitor satellite broadcast integrity in real time using a massive, 72-display video wall that covers the length of their monitoring room.

• The UCI Beall Applied Innovation building created a 90-screen video wall for dynamic, life-like visual definition for seamless live audience presentations.

• Saudi Telecom Co. created the largest direct-view LED (dvLED) video wall setup in the world, and runs the entire 2,500 square-foot installation with Hiperwall software.

• Brussels Airport uses video wall to fill in dead space in high-traffic areas, useful for displaying airport messaging and advertisements.

“As this past year has emphasized, through COVID and other historic events, immediate access to mission-critical data is invaluable to the decision-making process,” Scott said. That includes the “explosion of data” caused by the growing popularity of the Internet of Things. 

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Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe
Tech reporter at Orange County Business Journal

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