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OC500 2022: Letter From the Publisher

Richard Reisman, Publisher

This marks the seventh edition of the Business Journal’s OC500, our annual inventory Directory of Influence.

We believe this edition is our best, most diverse, and most relevant.

Inside you will find the names, bios, recent news and inside details of the area executives, educators and other community leaders who made headlines in the pages of the Business Journal over the course of the past year.

Newsmakers, job creators, and breakout business leaders are well-represented in these pages.

Winners of the Business Journal’s signature awards programs over the past year—which are back to being in-person events, and drawing big crowds—are profiled, as are contributors to our popular OC Leader Board page.

Lawyers, bankers, accountants and other notable service providers are also included in the listing.

As was the case last year, we’ve included profiles from our latest OC 50 edition of the paper, which ran in May, as part of the directory.

Those entries—this year dubbed the “Fast 50” due to the rapid growth of their businesses and organizations—have been slightly reworked and updated to include new information.

While most OC500 individual entries are loosely grouped into industry sectors, the longer OC 50 entries are scattered throughout the book.

This year’s OC500 also includes entries from our most popular listing of the year, the OC’s Wealthiest, which ran in July. Those bios have too been updated to include new information, though our wealth estimates for the entries have not changed from their original publication.

The OC’s Wealthiest entries are towards the end of the book; for the handful of entries who were on both this year’s OC 50 and OC’s Wealthiest listings, we’ve included the latter.

All told, more than half of the OC500 entries are new to this year’s edition.

If you or your business is planning to make headlines of your own in 2023, keep us posted. Our editorial staff has already begun the planning for next year’s edition.

Lastly, please remember that print media can only serve its readers if sponsors and advertisers provide support.

Thank you to those who have done so during another year when our editorial team has gone above and beyond to provide our community the best possible business coverage.

Happy Reading!

Richard Reisman

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