Vantas VX SUV

Vantas VX SUV

Lake Forest automaker HAAH Motors Holdings said the first of its SUVs under the Vantas brand will be made in China with COVID delaying the company’s plans to find a U.S. manufacturing plant.

HAAH currently has the automotive brands Vantas and T-Go, with the Vantas VX SUV and Vantas TXL, a mid-size SUV, slated for release by the end of 2022. These would be the first vehicles released by HAAH.

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The automaker has also signed a letter of intent that forms a joint venture with Shanghai SICAR Automotive Technology Development Co. Ltd., a vehicle engineering firm in China, to help with the rollout of its automotive brands and for the creation of its U.S. factory.

The LOI expands a previous engineering service agreement between the two companies.