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Lionheart’s Age-Reversing Pitch Winning Fans

Lionheart Health believes its products can shave a person’s age by 10 years.

“Our company can reverse by 10 years the age both aesthetically and inside your body of every single person in this room, absolutely, positively, without question,” founder and Chief Executive Howard Leonhardt said during a December pitch presentation hosted by the business incubator University Lab Partners (ULP).

Leonhardt’s presentation won the Lab Partners’ first-ever Golden Passport Pitch Competition, which was sponsored by Abbie’s Allergan Aesthetics.

Carrie Strom, president of Global Allergan Aesthetics, said the event was important for the company, noting several of its executives attended, including as a judge, Dr. Charlie Hee, vice president of Device R&D Fillers and Device Sciences.

“That representation is a real testament to our commitment to this partnership and driving the future of innovation in aesthetics,” Strom told the audience of about 100.
“We have a lot that we can learn from you.”

Body Mapper

Mission Viejo-based Lionheart has more than 40 patents for “protein expressions” to heal and regenerate tissue, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. It has mapped the body’s bioelectric system and built a “BodStim” bioelectric bodysuit to augment exercise by rapidly contracting muscles.

“A 20-minute workout is equivalent to three to four hours of regular exercise,” the company said in its deck.

It currently has products to rejuvenate the face and hair as well as for sexual wellness, body sculpting and knee osteoarthritis. It projected $8.2 million in sales in 2023 will grow to $42 million by 2026. Its initial sales will target large corporate gyms and university athletic programs.

Lionheart’s successful pitch won it a one-year sponsored lab bench, valued at $39,400, at ULP.

“This support is essential to scaling Lionheart Health’s aesthetics applications, improving health span, and overall quality of life,” Leonhardt said.

Other Innovators

ULP provides entrepreneurs in life sciences with a wet lab at its facility near the University of California, Irvine campus. Since it began in 2019, ULP has incubated 64 companies that have raised $535 million and created 448 jobs.

During the 90-minute event, the presenters identified the problems they their products could solve, estimated the total addressable market and forecast sales.

The other four finalists were:

• Dreamderm is developing a patented protease inhibitor that stimulates collagen production and can be used for wound healing as well as cosmetic aesthetics.
• BioDrop is developing a skin test to diagnose acne, which affects about 600 million globally. The test involves wiping the affected area on the face and then testing it in its machine, which provides results in 20 minutes and then generates a personalized treatment plan. The company calls its product a “beauty science lab on a chip.”
• Syntr Health Technologies says it’s building “the world’s first and only automated microfat processing device.” Its “fat transfer applications” can be used in areas like breast reconstruction following mastectomies.
• Sayenza Bio is working on an all-in-one device to harness “the regenerative power of fat.” It conducts liposuction, processes the cells in its device and then reinjects them into other parts of the body for cell therapy or a fat graft.

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Sonia Chung
Sonia Chung
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