Former Santa Ana Board of Education Trustee and Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer—the estranged wife of California Treasurer Bill Lockyer—was recently arrested at a house in Orange where investigators say she was in possession of drugs.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office said investigators deemed Lockyer to be under the influence of methamphetamine. She was staying at the house of a relative with her nine-year-old son, according to the Los Angeles Times, and now faces charges of drug possession, being under the influence of drugs, and child abuse.

Lockyer is an Orange County native who was elected to the Santa Ana school board in 1998. She later relocated to Northern California with her husband.

Her Aug. 28 arrest in Orange County came on a tip from a source whose identity has not been made public by investigators.

Lockyer earlier this year resigned her post as a supervisor in Alameda County amid controversy. She claimed at the time that she recently had been assaulted by a boyfriend at a motel, and also said she had been undergoing treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Bill Lockyer filed for divorce in July.