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COVID-19 Work at Celluma Device Maker

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Anaheim light therapy firm BioPhotas Inc. has designed a medical face shields it can produce with material and methods currently used to produce its Celluma series of products, according to Chief Executive Patrick Johnson.

Personal protective equipment production is “expected in the very near future,” Johnson told the Business Journal.

The Celluma series include treatments for pain management, wrinkle prevention, acne treatment and wound healing. BioPhotas introduced a battery-power LED device in March.

Direct-to-consumer sales are up as professional sales dip due to clinic closures and postponed elective surgeries. The company’s working with its practitioner clients to guide them into leasing and selling equipment to their patients for at-home use and providing packs of disposable hygiene barriers, for covering its devices, free.

Johnson said it’s crucial the company help practitioners “find ways to generate revenue” with its products during the pandemic. BioPhotas also stands to lose new revenue this year, with medical conferences and trade shows cancelled through late summer.

Two-thirds of its employees are working from home; Johnson and a small crew are at company offices. It doesn’t plan to furlough or layoff staff and, Johnson said, is still hiring: BioPhotas has 25 workers and said in January the company plans to add 10 this year.

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