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Midday Stock Roundup

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The S&P 500 was up 0.1% to 3,894.03 in midday trading.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.08% to 32,452.02.

The Nasdaq decreased 0.04% to 12,966.18.

The yield on a 10-year Treasury bond decreased 0.3% to 1.609%.

Oil fell 5.2% to $58.03 a barrel.

The price of gold was down 0.2% to $1,730.20 an ounce.


Newport Beach-based Evolus Inc. (Nasdaq: EOLS) fell 22% to $12.95 a share with a $444 million market cap. The wrinkle-smoothing product maker reported yesterday a fourth-quarter net loss of $3.28 per share, which was significantly higher than analyst consensus estimates of a 34 cent loss per share. 


Irvine-based sensor maker Interlink Electronics Inc. (Nasdaq: LINK), which started trading on the Nasdaq today, rose to $15.45 per share at midday, 17% higher than its opening price, for a market cap of $102 million.

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