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Irvine Chip Startup WiSpry Nabs Another $6M

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Irvine-based chipmaker WiSpry Inc. tacked on another $6 million as part of an ongoing venture funding round, according to reports.

A regulatory filing showed that WiSpry raised $6 million out of a $7 million round, according to a report on technology news website Socaltech.com.

A spokesperson for WiSpry couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

WiSpry, one of the county’s best-funded startups, has raised about $55 million to date.

It makes moving microscopic machines that are thousandths of an inch in size and puts them on chips.

Its chips help extend the battery life of cell phones and allow them to have fewer dropped calls.

The company has had its chips in production for about a year. It hasn’t disclosed its wireless phone maker customers, but is ramping up production this year.

WiSprys investors include Washington, D.C.-based Paladin Capital Group, Sacramento’s American River Ventures, San Francisco’s Blueprint Ventures, San Diego’s Shepherd Ventures and New York’s L Capital Partners.

The company was formed in 2002 when it split from the radio frequency and wireless business unit of Austin, Texas-based Coventor Inc.

It didn’t get off the ground until 2004 with a million dollars in seed money from Tech Coast Angels, a loose group of Southern California investors.

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