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OC50 2023 – 50 Shaping the Future of Healthcare in OC


OC50 2023 cover


News from Orange County’s extensive roster of healthcare-related companies has driven the Business Journal’s coverage over the past year.

A quick glimpse at the star-studded collection of names on this year’s OC50 gives an idea why.

With billions of dollars of medical development underway across the region, new breakthroughs in devices, drugs, medical procedures and research, and surging demand from residents and visitors alike, Orange County is positioning itself as a top healthcare destination in the country, ripe with innovation.

There’s no shortage of healthcare execs, medical professionals and others from across a variety of industries working day in and out to solidify that designation.

This year’s iteration of the OC50—50 shaping the future of healthcare in Orange County—showcases the companies and individuals behind that effort.

The group is diverse—ranging from real estate firms building the next generation of medical facilities, hospital executives overseeing major expansions, nonprofit leaders and startup entrepreneurs—but all share several similarities.

For one, all are invested in the health and well-being of Orange County’s population, and fostering future talent to grow on the success that’s been built up over the past several decades.

All of the names on this year’s list have been newsmakers of late, and close readers of the Business Journal this year will recognize many of the entries, from which a majority of this edition of the OC50 was selected.

The OC50 include recaps of $1 billion hospital campuses built from the ground up, FDA approvals for products from game-changing life science manufacturers, expansion plans for some of the area’s fastest-growing businesses, legal work being done to protect the IP of notable local medtechs, and plenty more.

Here’s to the future of holistic healthcare in Orange County.

—Katie Murar


NextGen Hospitals

Chad Lefteris Annette Walker
Kimberly Chavalas Cripe Payman Roshan
Marcia Manker Robert Braithwaite
Jeremy Zoch, Seth Teigen & Laura Ramos


Drugmakers & Diagnostics

Marc Forth Nick Green
Tom Schoenherr Bradley Morrison


Board Boosters

Jeff Margolis Lynne Nieto
Jim Mazzo Bill Link


Augmented Reality Pioneers

Michael Freeman Dr. Burak Ozgur & Dr. Adam Kanter


Hearts and Minds

Anthony Caffarelli Larry Wood
Arun Gupta Joshua Grill


Future Sight

Thomas Burns Ron Kurtz
Robert Grant


Development Drivers

Donald Bren & Jonathan Brinsden Dan Hedigan
Michael Myers Cory Alder & Curt Olson


Legal Leaders

Steven Jensen & Joseph Re Mike McKinnon


Dental Drivers

John Pham Stephen Thorne IV & Barry Arbuckle



Janeen Hill Maritza Salazar Campo
Michael Thomas Jason Smith
Bernadette Boden-Albala


Medtech Leaders

Joe Kiani Ramin Mousavi
Brett Wall Raymond Cohen


Taking the Reins

Tom Frinzi Drew Hykes
Bernard Zovighian


Cancer Fighters

Chris Barty Bruce Bauer
Edward Kim Hans Keirstead


Breath of Life

Bryan Liu Emilee Lamorena


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