OC50 2023: Bruce Bauer



WHY: Taking technology originally used at nuclear reactors to develop next-generation method of treating cancers. “It’s a method of delivering radiation to tumor cells with far more precision and safety than traditional radiation therapy,” Bauer says.

BY THE NUMBERS: Company has raised $90 million to date with latest valuation at $300 million. It’s a spinoff of TAE Technologies, a Foothill Ranch-based fusion company that itself has raised more than $1 billion in funding to find a new source of virtually unlimited energy. “We can take technology and downsize it in power and apply it to a particular type of cancer therapy,” Bauer said. “We can make neutrons available in a hospital.”

FUTURE PLANS: Seeking to raise another $75 million to $100 million. Also developing a new class of boron drugs using nanotechnology. Testing patients in China with plans for Italy next year and undisclosed U.S. locations in a couple years. Could be operational in five years.

IN THEIR WORDS: “We can target the radiation at the cellular level. Radiation is typically measured in millimeters. We measure our precision in microns.”