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Xponential Expands to Mexico

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Irvine-based Xponential Fitness Inc. (NYSE: XPOF) has signed a Master Franchise Agreement for three of its brands to open locations across Mexico as the newest market for the fitness franchisor.

The boutique fitness franchisor’s agreement with Mexico Master Franchisee, a division of Mexico-based infrastructure company Grupo ITISA, allows at least 60 studios from StretchLab, Rumble, and AKT to be licensed to potential franchisees over the next 10 years.

Danny Arditti, brand director of the fitness and wellness business for Grupo ITISA, will lead the development and implementation of the Xponential brands, marking the company’s international expansion to its 14th country.

“Mexico is the third largest country in the Americas in terms of number of fitness facilities and now is an outstanding time for Xponential Fitness to enter that market,” Chief International Development Officer John Kersh said in a statement.

For more on Xponential, see the upcoming May 16 print edition of the Business Journal.

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