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Layoffs Hit Working Wardrobes

Working Wardrobes CEO and founder Jerri Rosen said Friday her non-profit laid off most of its staff.

The cuts to more than half of its workers, leaves the Irvine-based organization with a team of 10. The reduction follows a fire Feb. 2 that destroyed the organization’s headquarters and everything in it, causing some $15 million in losses to Working Wardrobes and its landlord. That was followed by the novel coronavirus outbreak that’s affected business across industries.

“It’s hit us really hard,” Rosen said in a YouTube video. “We’ve had to make some significant staff cuts and that’s hurt us so deeply. But I want you to know that we are going to rebuild. We’re going to put all services [on-line]. We’re going to have our events virtually. We’re going to be back in touch.”

The non-profit, which Rosen started in 1990, is aimed at helping individuals with job training and placement in addition to wardrobe assistance.

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