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OCCF: $2M in 10 Days

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The Orange County Community Foundation raised $2 million in ten days for its OC Community Resilience Fund, which goes to communities and individuals affected by the coronavirus.

The fund was organized by OCCF, St. Joseph Community Partnership, Charitable Ventures, OC Grantmakers and others, and will offer three types of grants to local nonprofits: community clinic operations; emergency grants to individuals; and community-based organizational operations.

The response “is a testament to the heart and generosity of the Orange County community,” to respond to COVID-19, said Shelley Hoss, OCCF president and CEO.

The fund will “focus resources, reduce duplication, support [innovation] and maximize impact in areas of greatest need,”

Go here for information on the fund and how to give; direct questions on grants to ResilienceFund@charitableventuresoc.org.

Go here for more updates on how OC companies are responding to coronavirus.

For ongoing, in-depth coverage of coronavirus effects on OC businesses, see the Monday print edition of the Business Journal.

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