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Sunday, Aug 14, 2022

Midday Stock Roundup

The S&P 500 was up 0.1% in midday trading to 2,090.81.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 0.1% to 17,812.13.

The NASDAQ was up 0.1% to 4,847.96.

The yield on a 10-year Treasury bond was down 0.8% to 1.68%.

The price of gold was down 0.4% to $1,268.


Santa Ana-based Universal Electronics Inc. was up 3.6% to $70.77 and a $1 billion market cap on above-average volume. The company makes wireless remote control products.


Irvine-based California First National Bancorp was up 4% to $14.35 and a $148 million market cap on moderate volume. The company provides banking services.


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