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Edwards Elevates Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion

Edwards Lifesciences Corp. demonstrated it is a “Company That Cares” in more ways than one in 2020.

Following the death of George Floyd that sparked protest and renewed conversations around racism across the country, Edwards reiterated its stance against injustice in America.

“It was a wake-up call for all of us, wasn’t it?” Chief Executive Mike Mussallem told the Business Journal. 

“Everyone should all have the opportunity to grow and thrive without bias.”

Edwards has a track-record of commitment to inclusion and diversity. The company last year signed the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion, a pledge to advance diversity that starts with the recognition that change is affected from the top down. 

Career fairs, hospital observation opportunities, leadership development classes and other programs at Edwards are focused on attracting and retaining a diverse talent base. Meanwhile, a number of the company’s employee resource groups foster community for minorities, LGBTQ+ persons, women, and other groups.

“We’ve always taken a strong stand against all injustice, but our employees challenged us,” Mussallem said.

“So, we’ve challenged ourselves to do better.”

Mussallem said he has spent a great deal of time listening and thinking about “how to create sustainable, systemic change” within the organization this year.

Edwards provided resources to and encouraged its partners and employees to seek opportunities to support the Black community and other minority populations.

It also plans to take its commitment a step further by holding its supplier partners to the same standards; it is currently developing a supplier diversity program to track its progress on supporting minority-owned business. 

“We’re committed to make efforts to take our performance to the next level,” Mussallem said.

—Jessie Yount

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