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CalAmp Enters FY22 With Revamped Product

Vehicle tracking and management company CalAmp Corp. (Nasdqaq: CAMP) in Irvine is heading into its new fiscal year with a total remake of its tools for keeping track of trucks, drivers and other assets.
The overhaul, introduced last week, will accelerate the speed of smart decision-making with the CalAmp iOn fleet and asset management software system.
“Monitor your entire mobile workforce—from vehicles, to trucks, to equipment, to drivers—all from a single screen,” the company says of iOn. “See real-time asset locations, status, utilization, engine diagnostics and more.”
CalAmp said the new flexible and data-enriched intuitive user interface for iOn  “delivers the right insights, to the right staff, at the right time for commercial, government and construction organizations.”
The company’s redesigned user interface streamlines “track and trace” visualizations and magnifies mission-critical insights to increase fleet efficiency, cost-savings and safety.
All fleet operations stakeholders will now have access to a user-friendly tracking module that displays key insights, fully enriched with data insights, that powers fleet managers to make smarter business decisions in real time, according to the company.

‘Total Remake’
“What we’re doing is a total remake,” Chief Executive Jeff Gardner told the Business Journal on Feb. 26.
That includes working with a design company to make the interface more user-friendly.
“We’re going to upgrade our customers with this software free of charge and then this will be what we sell for all of our new customers.” Gardner said, adding it can be used on laptops or mobile phones.
The company is currently valued at more than $400 million. It has over 1.3 million software and service subscribers including those for CalAmp iOn and CalAmp Telematics Cloud among other products and services, with more than 20 million devices installed globally.
While keeping track of trucks and trailers, the system can also check environmental factors such as humidity and temperature while checking on the cargo pallets themselves.
Gardner says the new product “gives our sales force some excitement so we can get started fast in fiscal year 2022,” which started on March 1.

New Year Expectations
“I think it’s going to be one of our best years ever, especially when you consider some of the challenges all of our employees in the pandemic,” Gardner said.
“We’ve spoken to dozens of world-class fleet and logistics teams and conducted thorough market analysis to determine how fleet managers need to optimize their assets, and one pain-point emerged: it takes too many clicks, and it is too hard to find the data needed to make real-time decisions that improve the bottom line,” said Jeff Clark, senior vice president of product management and UX (user experience) design at CalAmp.

Enhanced Features
CalAmp is promoting various enhanced features including:
• Fewer clicks, easy to learn and use, and access to actionable data, all from a single screen
• Detailed visibility into fleet operations with alerts and reports
• Easier navigation, map layering and a cleaner interface displaying a holistic view of all vehicles, drivers and assets.
• Modern, progressive design
In another example of iOn uses, CalAmp said “a fleet utility manager knows exactly where their critical assets are to fix a broken water main or forecast when a field technician will arrive at a specific downed power pole before they move on to the next one.”
For the third quarter ended Nov. 30, CalAmp said consolidated revenue was $88 million, up 5.4% sequentially but down almost 9% year-over-year due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic. 

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Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe
Tech reporter at Orange County Business Journal

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