Anil Puri

Anil Puri

Labor and supply shortages and inflation are of top concern for Orange County business executives, according to a quarterly outlook report from economists at California State University, Fullerton.

Twenty percent predict the Federal Reserve will start raising short-term interest rates by the end of this year while almost 35% see the boost happening by March 2022, according to the economists led by Anil Puri, director of CSUF’s Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting.

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The overall Orange County business expectations index, OCBX, dipped  to 89.6 for the final three months of the year, starting Friday, from 96.4 in the previous quarter. A reading of above 50 indicates expectations of future growth in the economy.

The CSUF survey was conducted from Sept. 20 to Sept. 28 among more than 900 local business executives.