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Hire From Goodwill of Orange County – Change A Life

After nearly 100 years matching the right candidate with the right job, Goodwill of Orange County knows one thing to be true: a job can change a life.

For individuals with physical or developmental disabilities, a young person trying to start a new chapter after making a mistake, or a veteran transition from the military to civilian life, finding meaningful employment can change everything.

For these individuals, a job means more than just a paycheck. It’s empowerment through employment.

For Salvador, a job allowed him to turn over a new leaf.

Today, Salvador thrives in his job as an Ecommerce Clerk for shopgoodwill.com. Salvador's manager Ted saw beyond his past with the justice system and instead gave him the opportunity to start over. 

Connected through Orange County’s Young Adult Court to Goodwill’s Young Adult Life Launch, or YALL, program, like so many of us, Salvador needed a second chance.

The YALL program offers local youth ages 18 – 24 that have been involved in the justice system with the opportunity to begin a new chapter in their lives, starting with finding a job.

The program provides free employment and education training, paid work experience, job placement support, and many supportive services, including housing, transportation, clothing and legal assistance.

A mistake made at a young age should not define your life. Goodwill gave Salvador his second chance to make a first impression.

For Noemi, she was ready to enter the workforce for the first time.

Noemi is Deaf and was unsure what she could do and who might hire her. Today, works as a Utility Worker at a military base, a job she has held for more than a year.

Goodwill’s Deaf Services program provided the job training and skills development; Noemi already had the potential. She brings priceless value to her workplace.

For Carter, a job gave him dignity.

Carter is a beloved team member at Chick-Fil-A in Laguna Hills. He loves to welcome guests, and many look forward to seeing his smiling face during the lunch rush. Never allowing his disability to define his capability, Carter has thrived in a teamwork environment and today enjoys greater independence than he ever thought possible.

Carter found his perfect work pairing through Goodwill’s Employment First program, a program that provides employment opportunities and independence to individuals with developmental disabilities.

For four years, Carter has never arrived for a shift without a smile on his face.

For Army Veteran Everett, a job changed everything.

Before connecting with Goodwill’s Tierney Center for Veteran Services, Everett had just 35 cents to his name. He was unemployed and homeless, struggling with the transition from military to civilian life.

The Tierney Center team jumped into action and quickly helped Everett get a housing voucher and emergency services support as the first step to getting him on a pathway to success.

He was then paired with an Employment Specialist to help him find a great job. Within weeks, he was employed at a Southern California V.A. Hospital.

Everett now recalls, “When I came to see you, I had my backpack and 35 cents in my pocket. My life has been completely changed!”


For Debra, a job gave her a purpose.

Debra struggled with addiction, and was facing homelessness, trouble with the law, and no sense of being.

Debra was connected to Goodwill’s Employment WORKS program, a supported employment program providing individualized job placement and job retention services to adults living with a mental health diagnosis.

Debra now has a great job in ecommerce and a work family that cheers her on every day.

“Since I came to Goodwill, I think I’m a better person now. I found a purpose in life today. I’m happier, and my life is on the right track.”

Since 1924, Goodwill of Orange County has changed lives through the power of work here in our community. Goodwill is the local leader in workforce development and job placement for people facing barriers to employment. Annually, Goodwill serves more than 17,000 people through its 25 programs.

Salvador, Noemi, Carter, Everett, and Debra represent the heart and passion of Goodwill—the mission that lies behind every clothing rack and cash register.

Empowerment through employment: this is Goodwill’s core commitment.

As a business owner or employer, you have the unique ability to change someone’s life. Hire from Goodwill of Orange County today and be a part of something bigger.

Learn more about how you can partner with Goodwill for your hiring needs here: https://www.ocgoodwill.org/businesspartner/.


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