Irvine-based renewable fuels maker BlueFire Renewables Inc. has launched a subsidiary called SucreSource LLC to produce cellulosic sugars for commercial use and to supply other biofuels companies.

BlueFire converts non-food resources—such as urban trash, wood waste and other agricultural residues—into ethanol.

BlueFire and others ethanol producers use sugar in the production process.

“A lot of companies have technology that can make biofuels from sugars,” said Arnold Klann, chief executive of BlueFire. “But [they] don’t have the sugar source other than food- or grain-based sugars. There’s no front-end technology.”

BlueFire plans to serve that part of the market with SucreSource and technology licensed from Irvine-based inorganic chemicals manufacturer Arkenol Inc., a predecessor company.

“We get the throwaway sugar molecules from waste materials and utilize them more efficiently,” Klann said.

Construction on two plants is underway for SucreSource—one at BlueFire’s Fulton, Miss., facility and another in Lancaster in northern Los Angeles County.

The company got an $88 million grant under the federal government’s economic stimulus program to build the plant in Mississippi, according to Klann.

“We anticipate the plant will be completed at the end of 2013,” he said.