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Mavenlink, Kimble Renamed Kantata After Merger

Co-Founder Grainger Named Exec Chairman

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The name of the newly combined operations of Irvine-based software maker Mavenlink and London’s Kimble Applications has a nice ring to it.

Cantata, a musical form dating back to the 17th century, inspired the name for Kantata, a global supplier of “purpose-built” technology for professional services organizations.

The name is designed to evoke “a classical music composition that intricately and beautifully combines multiple voice and instrumentation elements,” the company said in a May 16 statement.

“This style of classical music is a metaphor for the collaborative creation that is the foundation of all successful professional services organizations.”

Kantata’s cloud-based project management software helps professional services organizations and other companies bring together project, financial and workforce data to streamline operations. It lets them improve performance by planning resources, tracking time and expenses, managing finances, tracking projects, and communicating with one another.


In November, Mavenlink and Kimble Applications said they would merge to accelerate the development of software solutions for professional services firms. Terms of the deal weren’t announced.

The merger was led by tech-focused global private equity firm Accel-KKR and closed in December, with industry veteran Michael Speranza named CEO of the combined firms.

Mavenlink was co-founded by Orange County entrepreneur Ray Grainger, who served as the company’s CEO before the merger. Grainger is now the executive chairman of Kantata.

Grainger “will be part of the board and remains an active supporter of the company engaging the business community and promoting Kantata’s vision to current and future customers,” Speranza said.

Irvine Workforce

The Kantata executive leadership team is spread out across offices in Irvine, Salt Lake City, Boston, New York and London.  Senior executives in Irvine include Chief Client Officer Chris Scalia and Chief People Officer Gina Hartigan.

“We are now one company with nearly 600 employees serving more than 2,000 clients and over half a million services professionals,” Speranza told the Business Journal.

Kantata has yet to disclose where its headquarters designation will be, though the firm’s two operational centers are in Irvine and London.

More than 25% of the Kantata workforce is based out of Irvine, which will continue to be an integral part of the organization, the company said.

“Our Irvine team is an important part of our company and we have no plans to change that,” Speranza said via email on May 18. “In fact, Kantata is a growing global organization and our scale and growth will create new roles and opportunities over time.”

New Markets

Kantata this month announced new product functionality and features, like Talent Network, which “makes it easy for professional services organizations to add external partners and independent contractors to their resource pools,” according to a statement.

The new company also expands and unifies the geographic reach and clientele for the two respective companies.

“Kimble had a strong geographic presence in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Mavenlink had a strong geographic presence in North America; the complementary reach is something that will provide immediate benefit to customers,” Speranza said.

Existing Kimble and Mavenlink investors, including Carrick Capital Partners of Newport Beach and Goldman Sachs, will continue to be investors of Kantata.

Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe
Tech reporter at Orange County Business Journal

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