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Frost Giant Tops $1M In Crowdfunding Equity

Frost Giant Studios says it recently topped $1 million in equity investments from its crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine as the company prepares to release its new video game called Stormgate.

Frost Giant, founded by Blizzard Entertainment veterans, said as of June 7 it already had 346 investors, bringing the company’s valuation up to $150 million.

The company also points to other financing successes.

Stormgate was the most-funded RTS (real-time-strategy) game of all time on crowdfunding site Kickstarter while late pledges from Indiegogo brought the total from the two sites up to $2.5 million, according to Frost Giant. It previously raised $34.7 million from investors including Riot Games, BITKRAFT and Kakao Games.

Irvine-based Frost Giant Studios will be self-publishing Stormgate in the West and is partnering with publisher Kakao Games to bring the future of real-time strategy to gamers in Korea.

Early Access

Frost Giant Studios said that Stormgate will enter early access on Steam, a video game digital distribution service, starting on Aug.13.

Players eager to embark on the road to mastery can get a head start and dive into the game on July 30 by pre-purchasing an Early Access bundle.

Stormgate’s Early Access release date was announced June 9 during the PC Gaming Show.
Frost Giant has also provided a clue as to what the video game is about: “The Celestials are a race of highly technologically advanced interstellar travelers who have come to Earth to challenge the demonic Infernal Host for control over our planet—with humanity caught in the middle.”

Stormgate will be free to play and is made for PC.

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