OC’s Wealthiest 2023



The Business Journal’s goal is to give readers accurate, impartial, and verifiable estimates of wealth for those on the OC’s Wealthiest list.

While determining wealth is admittedly as much an art as it is a science, we feel comfortable with the inclusion of every entry in this edition and have gone above and beyond to provide readers with solid reasoning behind each entry, and their estimates.

We’ve spent months looking into each entry’s holdings, company assets, public records and press clippings.

We’ve spoken with numerous trusted sources—including wealth managers, knowledgeable real estate owners and heads of family offices, among others—to get insight into investment trends, asset allocation, tax implications, philanthropic efforts and other factors that determine our estimates.

Impartial, third-party experts are used to verify our estimates.

Some individuals on our list cooperated with us to provide guidance for our estimates. Others declined. A few have told us they would prefer not to be on the list at all.

As always, our listing comes with caveats. Like Forbes, Bloomberg and other similar listings, our numbers are conservative, ballpark figures. We’ve done our best to catalog assets, but only the people on our listing know their true value.

Nor is our listing all-inclusive. We’ve done our best to track down those who we believe are OC’s wealthiest people. We are sure to have missed people and we look forward to your comments.­

—Mark Mueller

Argyros, George & Julia
Bren, Donald
Caruso, Rick
Cherng, Andrew & Peggy
Cuban, Mark
Davis, Henry
Edelman, Joseph
Fertitta III, Frank
Garcia II, Ernest
Getty Earhart, Anne Catherine
Getty, Caroline Marie
Gross, Bill
Gross, Sue
Hsieh, Anthony
Jabara, Gary
Kiani, Joe
Luckey, Palmer
Mars Family
Merage, Paul
Moreno, Arte
Nicholas III, Henry T.
Olenicoff, Igor
Plattner, Hasso
Sacks, Rodney
Samueli, Henry
Scaringe, RJ
Schlosberg, Hilton
Segerstrom Family
Simon, Ron
Smith, Jared
Smith, Vinny
Snyder, Lynsi
Soon-Shiong, Patrick
Sun, David
Taylor, C. Frederick ‘Fred’
Tsao, Victor & Janie
Tu, John
Tuyl, Larry Van
Wang, William