OC’s Wealthiest 2023: Mars Family


Mars Family
Mars Inc.

THE MONEY: The Mars family owns candy, food and pet food giant Mars Inc. Founded in 1911 by Frank Mars, the privately held company, maker of M&M’s, Snickers and other well-known products, is said to have annual sales that approach $40 billion. Long one of the country’s wealthiest families.

THE FAMILY: Jacqueline Mars, a grandchild of Frank Mars, owns an estimated one-third of Mars, and Forbes estimates her wealth to be in the $38 billion range. One of her three children, Alexandra Airth, is married to local business exec Alan Airth, who has deep ties to OC’s commercial real estate industry and has served as a member of Mars Inc.’s board.

LOCAL TIES: The Airth family has supported Harbor Day School, heading up the Corona del Mar private school’s fundraising campaign, which has brought in more than $50 million. Also supporters of the Orange County Museum of Art and Pretend City Children’s Museum.

ESTIMATE: Given the numerous family members with stakes in Mars Inc., and the limited visibility in their fortune, our estimate for the OC arm of the family places them at the low end of our list, at $1.25 billion. That figure could prove to be well on the low side over the coming years.

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