OC50 2023: Tom Schoenherr


Tom Schoenherr

WHY: Tapped to oversee future vision of Orange County’s third-largest medical diagnostics and testing company following its $1 billion sale in 2017 to Tokyo-based Konica Minolta Inc., promoted to CEO in 2021. Founded in 1999 by Charles Dunlop, Ambry became known as first lab to offer full gene sequencing of the cystic fibrosis gene as well as diagnostic chrome sequencing on a clinical basis.

BY THE NUMBERS: In the four years prior to becoming CEO, he more than doubled Ambry’s business and test volumes. Now a 400-employee unit is responsible for the majority of the $350 million in annual sales of Konica’s Precision Medicine unit.
FUTURE PLANS: About half of Ambry’s tests are for patients who have cancer, with the remaining half for those in high-risk categories. Expanding into areas like women’s health, large health systems and international work.

IN THEIR WORDS: Konica Chairman Kiyotaka Fujii “walked me through his vision of creating this integrated diagnostics company that would be a major global healthcare entity. The line that I’ll never forget is he said he wanted to take precision medicine from a buzzword to a reality … I very much bought into the vision.”

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