OC50 2023: Robert Grant



WHY: Longtime Newport Beach entrepreneur, prior execs roles include president at Allergan Medical and CEO of Bausch and Lomb Surgical.

BY THE NUMBERS: Involved with portfolio of 17 companies that employ more than 1,000. Among those are Evolus Inc. (Nasdaq: EOLS), which counts a market cap topping $500 million by selling a Botox-like injection to remove wrinkles, and Alphaeon Credit Inc., reported to be the nation’s second-largest lender in the healthcare consumer space.

FUTURE PLANS: Founded Ceyeber in 2021 to commercialize the “Third Eye,” a lens that promises to be a camera inside an eye and aims to be a solution for macular degeneration and preventing blindness. The lens, the company says, can be installed in a five-minute procedure like cataract surgery. Has found believers among eye surgeons who sit on Ceyeber’s seven-member board of advisors, including Scott Perkins, who has performed more than 100,000 cataract surgeries and 15,000 LASIK procedures.

Plans to introduce the first prototype in June, followed by four years of clinical trials and commercialization in 2028. May expand Ceyeber’s product line into glasses that can project information onto their lenses, and license out the technology to fellow companies trying similar technologies, such as Apple and Google.

IN THEIR WORDS: “It takes over your vision. It’s like a heads-up display inside your eye. The point is that you can do everything that your iPhone does. You can relive your memories.”

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