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Scott Shreeve: ‘Best Year Ever’ for Crossover Health

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Dr. Scott Shreeve’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award wasn’t his only win in 2021.

Last year was also Crossover Health’s “best year ever,” growing from serving around 400,000 employees to nearly 430,000, according to Shreeve. This means Crossover anticipates reaching its “million-member-march” by 2024.

It’s also on its way to grow its 43 health centers to nearly 50 by the end of this year.

The San Clemente-based medical group provides primary healthcare—meaning urgent, in-person and online care—to self-insured employers nationwide.

“We take care of the whole person, from healing their sore throat, to addressing their mental health or their chronic disease,” Shreeve told the Business Journal.

Other services include mental health, Crossover’s fastest-growing service line “given the nature of the pandemic.”

Its team of primary care doctors, physical therapists and other specialists is “available for members … through every season, any weather, and all conditions.”

Some of the largest employers in the country make up Crossover’s members, including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

Shreeve estimates its services save their clients about 15%.

Team Player

Shreeve saw the importance of care teams first as a college athlete and then as an emergency care physician.

“As a football player, a gym coach, a nutritionist, and a life counselor surrounded me to help me perform my best,” he said.

“ICU patients have an occupational health therapist, a social worker, and a clinical care specialist. I thought, ‘Why isn’t this done in other settings?’”

The care team concept became the foundation for Crossover Health, which Shreeve founded in 2010.

Medical Metaverse

Shreeve is expecting the “same growth trajectory” as last year in 2022 an beyond.

That goal is “embedded in the business,” because the pandemic prompted a shift from the office, “into the metaverse.”

This is “a huge win” for Crossover, Shreeve said, because it permits the company to deploy its virtual health service to hundreds of thousands of employees.

Last September, Crossover launched Be Well, a digital health content library catered to younger employees. Each of its podcasts, webinars and videos is created by its providers.

In January, the company hired Bay Area native Sandra Cavanah as chief financial officer.

She “sets [the company] up for even more growth” given her “extensive experience in finance, digital health and purchasing cycles,” he said.

“Things start small, and as we grow and continue to serve these national clients, we will have a lot of opportunities for continued growth.” 

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Audrey Kemp
Audrey Kemp
Audrey Kemp is a staff reporter and occasional photojournalist for the Orange County Business Journal. Her beats include — but are not limited to — healthcare, startups, and education. While pursuing her bachelors in literary journalism at UC Irvine, she interned for New York-based magazine Narratively Inc., wrote for Costa Mesa-based lifestyle magazine Locale, and covered the underground music scene for two SoCal-based music publications. She is an unwavering defendant of the emdash and the Oxford comma.

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