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Jim Jannard Teases New Project ‘For Fun’

This should surprise no one: Jim Jannard has started up a new project.

The founder of Foothill Ranch-based Oakley Inc. and Red Digital Cinema Camera Co. of Irvine said he’s begun working on something “just for fun” with Red Digital head of marketing and creative Jamin Jannard.

The serial entrepreneur and inventor was last heard from when he signed off in October from the Red Hydrogen One smartphone project and announced his retirement citing health issues.

“It didn’t take me very long to get bored out of my mind,” Jannard said on social media.

He said he is currently living in Saigon and golfing nearly every day.

“Also working on my new project with Jamin,” he went on to say. “It is an experiment to make more ‘inventions wrapped in art.’ This time is just for fun. No pressure. Exploring designs until we are completely happy. Then make a few for our friends.”

“Inventions wrapped in art” and the concept that “Everything can and will be made better” are oft-cited Jannard quotes, which also formed the basic tenets upon which both Oakley and Red were founded.

It’s unclear the types of projects he and Jamin are working on, but Jannard said he’d share images every now and then on social media.


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