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OC Leader Board: The GPN Turns 10

Editor’s Note: This month, Irvine-based developer Five Point Holdings LLC (NYSE: FPH) is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its first community, Pavilion Park, in the Great Park Neighborhoods. In the past decade, FivePoint has sold more than 8,000 homesites at the Irvine community; it is entitled for 10,500 altogether, with plans for future commercial development on adjacent land. Ten executives and entrepreneurs summarized their experiences living in “the GPN.”

Zeeshan Subzwari
Managing Director
Healthsocal.ai, Octane OC

Zeeshan Subzwari, Managing Director, Healthsocal.ai, Octane OC

What’s amazing are families with both parents and kids in the same generation as us … feels less “cookie cutter” than other Irvine neighborhoods.

There are a variety of sporting facilities, pools, amazing bike trails, and better planned out schools. … I am a first-generation immigrant and living in Irvine and working in OC have certainly helped me achieve the American dream.

Dr. Elizabeth L. Cipres
Former Dean, Counseling Services
Irvine Valley College

I just came to look at the model homes and then it became a goal to buy my dream home. I found a model that I fell in love with the interior design—it was a single-story home and it was located close to my employment … eight parks are within walking distance.

Whenever I have guests over, they are always so impressed with my community because everything is so new and well maintained. … Because of my profession in education, I was able to provide academic counseling on college preparation to my neighbor’s high school children.

When I had COVID, my neighbor who is a doctor, took care of me by bringing me medicine and food to my home until I recovered.

Tony Fiammetta
Guardian Training Systems

The most surprising aspect is how beautiful the parks and amenities are, like living at a luxurious resort, with well-maintained and aesthetically appealing surroundings. …

Having lived in various locations across the country due to my career as a fullback for six years in the NFL, I can confidently say that Great Park Neighborhoods stands out as the ideal fit for my active lifestyle. …

The environment is enriched with individuals who are driven to improve themselves, which aligns seamlessly with my fitness and self-development business. Additionally, being an entrepreneur in this area is highly viable due to the supportive ecosystem and opportunities available.

Mark DeSantis
Associate Professor
Chapman University

What surprised me most was how important it has been to have close access to world-class healthcare facilities. It’s been a game changer for me to have City of Hope Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center so close to my home. …

My wife and I enjoy walking through the neighborhoods and the Great Park Sports Complex.

Parrisa Yazdani
The Edit Hair Lounge

It’s surprising how youthful and community oriented it is. … I can’t imagine living anywhere else and when it’s time to upgrade I will be looking within GPN. … My kids play lots of sports and everything we’ve chosen has been at GPN, which is extremely convenient. …

It’s an excellent location for my business. I notice my neighbors and other great park residents are eager to help their fellow neighbors grow their business and show support.

Amir Khalaj
Alpha Outdoor Lighting

I’ve been a resident of Irvine for the past 19 years, with the last seven years spent living in Great Park. While every section of Irvine has its unique charm, Great Park manages to encompass all those qualities in one place.

I’m particularly fond of the numerous parks and amenities available in my neighborhood. What sets Great Park apart is its strong focus on family, creating a wonderful environment for my children to grow and thrive.

I made the decision to leave my job as an employee and venture into entrepreneurship, and now I can see my dreams gradually turning into reality. I’m aiming to achieve my version of the American Dream 2.0! I’m surrounded by like-minded individuals, many of whom are also creative and flourishing in their own businesses.

Lana Tarakji
Sales Manager
Luxe Du Jour

It is the most enjoyable neighborhood I have lived in so far and has exceeded my expectations. It continues to get better each year.

My favorite activities are being able to walk or bike to one of the many parks. I also look forward to the Halloween Glow Event each year. … The ability to live in a safe neighborhood, have access to great schools and communities while having a short commute to work has definitely helped me achieve my American dream.

Dr. Justin C. Lin
Rehab and Revive Pain and Wellness

The number of theme parks and pools is the most exciting attraction. The GPN culture is a little bit of a throwback to a community we all once had when we were younger. … The set up has brought neighbors from all walks of life and backgrounds together.

The plethora of events and activities that anyone could participate in is something no other place does better. … My wife, Shannon, and I like to go on strolls with our 6-month-old along with our dog to Novel Park to patron The Cup. OC has become a burgeoning area for enterprise and innovation.

I’m constantly motivated by the ambitious and successful people who live around here.

Viki Johnston
Exelorate LLC

When I moved to Pavilion Park in 2017, I had no idea where I was moving to. I soon learnt that the Great Park was growing and would be a wonderful place to raise our daughter. I am from the UK and have lived in several locations around the world.

This neighborhood provided me with not just a beautiful house but a brand-new family of friends to hang out with. I also gave me the opportunity to grow my own business. … I often brag that I can be hiking in the mountains in the morning and relaxing on the beach in the afternoon. Everything is so close by. …

Moving from Europe, the American dream was something I was aware of, but never really knew what it meant. I have been accepted, supported and encouraged by the community.

Robert Schafnitz
Robert Schafnitz Agency
Farmers Insurance


There always seems to be a great event to attend or a new park or pool to enjoy. My wife and I have lived here since the beginning, and we can’t believe how much it has evolved over the last 10 years. …

The homes and neighborhoods have so much more character and there is a stronger focus on entertainment and bringing neighbors together. I enjoy the adult-only events the most. The Sip N Dip is something we look forward to every year, along with our monthly meetings of the People Who Wine club.

In addition, we enjoy taking the kids to the Great Park to let them on the playground or attend an OC Soccer Club game. I grew up in Orange County and for all my childhood I knew I’d stay here and one day I’d have my own successful business.

It’s very gratifying to know that I have achieved that. We like the area so much that we bought a new home in Solis Park.

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