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Respiratory Device Reuse for Coronavirus

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A device cleared by the FDA in 2019 to help diagnose respiratory illness could help COVID-19 patients.

MediPines Corp. in Newport Beach makes the breathalyzer-like AGM 100, currently approved for uses unrelated to the current pandemic. It can’t test for coronavirus infection, but the company said in a press release it can assist in determining the severity of symptoms related to breathing by measuring oxygen saturation levels.

The alternate use doesn’t have to be specifically approved because it’s already used in respiratory illness work; MediPines released guidance for medical personnel on how to use the device in line with Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization standards in treating COVID-19.

MediPines LinkedIn site said the device can also be used in Canada for these patients.

Crunchbase notes the company, which has also had a presence in Yorba Linda, has received about $4.3 million in backing.

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For ongoing, in-depth coverage of COVID-19’s effects on OC businesses, see the Monday print edition of the Business Journal.

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