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Masimo’s Rad-G Pulse Oximeter Gets US OK

Masimo Corp. (Nasdaq: MASI) of Irvine this month recieved U.S. market approval of its Rad-G Pulse Oximeter handheld device, which uses a fingertip sensor to measure pulse oximetry, respiration rate and other key indicators of lung and heart health.

“We are bringing our expertise in pulse oximetry to a smaller, more lightweight, rugged, and versatile handheld device—without sacrificing any of the advantages that help provide clinicians with critical insights into patient status,” Chief Executive Joe Kiani said.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave Masimo a $4.95 million grant in 2016 to develop the Rad-G for health screenings in low-income countries. The first iteration came out in 2017; it has not been available in the U.S. until now.

The latest version of the Rad-G can be used for spot-checking or continuous monitoring and is capable of screening in both adult and pediatric patients.

It also includes a longer-lasting battery life: up to 24 hours between charges.

At-Home Care

Continuous monitoring devices have been a boon to Masimo’s business in recent months.

Masimo PatientSafety, which allows physicians to monitor patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 symptoms from home, was deployed in 76 hospitals and in the pipeline to launch in 650 hospitals and long-term care facilities in less than a month of market release.

“We’ve never had a more successful product rollout,” Kiani said in May.

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