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COVID-19 Cases Rise in OC

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Coronavirus cases in Orange County continue to rise, with 102 reported each day on average in the past week, up from 65 for the week ending April 27.

Weekly data suggested the county had experienced a dip in new cases for more than a week before they started to climb once more due to new increases from inland cities, as well as an increase in testing conducted by HCA’s public health lab and local commercial testing labs.

Anaheim and Santa Ana had 33 new cases reported each day on average in the past week, making up about one-third of the county total.

The cities of Garden Grove and Orange also saw sharp increases in new cases in the past week, with 14 cases reported on average each day for the two cities.

More than 1,500 people were tested each day on average last week, up from the 1,083 for the week prior.

There are 2,819 COVID-19 cases in OC to date, with 37,050 tests done as of Monday.

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