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Beckman Coulter Unveils ‘Inspiring’ New Technology

Brea-based Beckman Coulter, Orange County’s second-largest medical diagnostics company with 685 local employees, on May 15 introduced what it says is the “most productive immunoassay analyzer per footprint.”

Called the DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer, it can run up to 450 tests per hour.
Immunoassays, which have been developed in the last 40 years, are used in hospitals and research labs to identify diseases. In the industry, immunoassays are used to detect contaminants in food and water and to monitor specific molecules used during product processing.

“Like clinical laboratories worldwide, we are running more tests than any time in our history,” Dr. Pamela Christudoss, chief of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Christian Medical College in Vellore, India, said in a statement.

“The innovations packed into the DxI 9000 Analyzer enabled us to improve our throughput rates and turnaround times with world-class precision,” said Christudoss, who was an early evaluator.

“In particular, the team loved the ZeroDaily Maintenance, especially for a platform that runs 450 tests per hour.”

The company says the analyzer has “zero” daily maintenance and instead requires less than 15 minutes of cleaning per week. The company also highlights its “PrecisionVision Technology” to safeguard against flawed data reports and “IntelliServe” to maximize system uptime.

The new product “sets new expectations for immunoassay testing operational performance and ability to develop and sustain improved assay sensitivity to meet tomorrow’s analytical needs,” Julie Sawyer Montgomery, president of Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, said in a statement.

“An inspiring feat of technology, the DxI 9000 Analyzer is a comprehensive healthcare innovation.”

Beckman Lore

The company was founded in the 1930s by Dr. Arnold O. Beckman, who became famous for finding a solution for determining the precise measurement of pH in lemon juice—the acidimeter, or pH meter.

Beckman in 1997 acquired Coulter Electronics to add hematology, flow cytometry and hemostasis product lines.

Beckman Coulter was acquired in 2011 by Danaher Corp. (NYSE: DHR), which placed it in its Life Sciences division. That unit generated $7 billion in 2022, or about a fourth of the company $31.5 billion in sales last year.


Nowadays, Beckman Coulter has 11,000 employees; its 685 employees in Orange County represented a 6% decline from a year ago, according to the Business Journal’s annual list published in February of medical diagnostics and testing companies.

The company touts its new machine, about the size of two copy machines, as satisfying the need of laboratories for speed, accuracy, and reliability, enabling results sent quicker to doctors and patients as they consider treatment options for diseases.

The company declined to reveal the pricing for the analyzer or its prior versions.

Testing centers have been under pressure to hire quality employees because of the pandemic, according to Jessica Tubman, director of Immunoassay Product Management at Beckman Coulter.

“We wanted to bring a system to them that could take some of the mundane tasks away,” Tubman said.

The analyzer also improved its measuring capabilities, she said.

“It’s like measuring for a teaspoon of sugar in 12 Olympic size swimming pools,” Tubman said.

Beckman Coulter said its platform has been independently verified to perform at the highest level of performance possible by the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. The analyzer is currently available in most countries worldwide.

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Sonia Chung
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