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Mutt’s: Serving Up Meals for the Community

Husband and wife Alex and Meghan Murray have been exploring new ways for their restaurant Mutt’s to increase its business since winning the Business Journal’s Family-Owned Business award in the up-and-coming category last year.

Newport Beach-based Mutt’s this fall is launching a lunch delivery program for students at Corona del Mar Middle and High School and surrounding elementary schools.

The idea came to the couple when they were dropping off lunches for their three sons at their schools, only to see tables filled with takeout boxes, Alex Murray said.

So, they decided to “make it easier for parents to order good quality, affordable food,” he said.

Parents and students will be able to use a mobile app to order lunches up to one month in advance, Murray said.

They are now testing the concept and developing a menu they hope kids will enjoy, such as sliders, wraps and chicken tenders.

The Murrays’ goal is to eventually expand the delivery program to schools outside of the Eastbluff community in Newport Beach, he said.

Possible Expansion

Mutt’s opened in 2021, intended to be the family-friendly sister restaurant to local beach bar Mutt Lynch’s, originally founded by Meghan’s parents, Gail and Dan Lynch, nearly 50 years ago.

The couple now oversees about 150 employees at both restaurants.

They said they’re in talks with Irvine Co. about expanding into another location within Irvine or Newport Coast, as well as scouting other sites.

The last year hasn’t all been easy for restaurants, Murray said, citing both a new California law mandating increased minimum wages for restaurant employees, and increasing insurance premiums.

He said Mutt’s plans to cut costs, without raising prices, in part by eliminating half its menu offerings during slow summer months.

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