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Kura Sushi USA Completes Robot Rollout

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Kura Sushi USA Inc. (Nasdaq: KRUS) announced today the rollout of its new robot servers, known as Kur-B the KuraBot, in all 37 U.S. locations.

With movement sensors and memory of its restaurant’s layout, the robots are programmed to deliver drinks and condiments to guests.

CEO Hajime Uba told analysts in April the robots have improved customer service, “resulting from the reduction of non-hospitality focused responsibilities for our front of house employees.”

“The dining experience was the major topic when selecting the robots,” Director of System and Menu Development Hideto Sugimoto told the Business Journal.

Other technology updates include adding self-check-out and drink ordering to its touch panel menus.

Kura Sushi is among Orange County’s largest publicly traded companies with a $419 million valuation and has sights on revenue of $130 to $140 million for 2022.

For more on Kura Sushi, see the June 27 print edition of the Business Journal.

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