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Fifi Chao is a chef, lecturer, author, educator, radio personality and publisher of Chao's Dinesty, a private subscription restaurant, wine and travel newsletter. She has been reviewing local restaurants for the Business Journal since 1990.

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Dine Around the World One Tasty Plate at a Time

Orange County keeps getting richer and richer with dining possibilities. We are lucky to have so many family-owned, individual places interspersed with the big, fancy restaurants.

By Fifi Chao March 6, 2017 midnight share »

Food Dreams on Okinawa Unfold at South Coast Plaza

This is a story of a little boy in Japan who knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, and us food lovers are all the better for it.

By Fifi Chao March 6, 2017 midnight share »

New Year Offers New and Tried-and-True Options

The French food at Pinot Provence hit a graceful note when the restaurant opened many years ago in the Westin Hotel in Costa Mesa, but the truly French decor probably got as much publicity as the Gallic food.

By Fifi Chao February 6, 2017 midnight share »

2016 Taste Bud Pleasers and a Pig’s Head on the Brain

This is the month when I look back at the past year, remember the best dishes, and look forward to the broad restaurant scene that is ever changing. There were many superb meals, and a lot of interesting restaurants visited.

By Fifi Chao January 2, 2017 midnight share »

2016 Nears Close With Entrepreneurial Flurry

More changes and circulating stories in the industry.

By Fifi Chao December 5, 2016 midnight share »

Changes at the New Ritz a Charm This Time Around?

My readers know by now that I don’t do hatchet jobs on restaurants. My husband and I spend a lot of money trying out restaurants that you never hear about in these columns.

By Fifi Chao November 7, 2016 midnight share »

Chefs Hopscotch Around OC, Keeping Eats Fresh

The chef shuffle has been quite the popular dance lately.

By Fifi Chao October 3, 2016 midnight share »

Plenty of Taste Temptations Pop Up Around County

Trends are exploding all over the county.

By Fifi Chao September 5, 2016 midnight share »

Out With Old Tastes, in With New Across County

Savannah Chop House at Golden Lantern and Camino del Avion in the Ocean Ranch Village of Laguna Niguel is closed.

By Fifi Chao August 1, 2016 midnight share »

Generation or More Proves Eateries’ Recipes Timeless

I did not realize until I started researching for this mini-tome that we had so many restaurants that have endured for at least 25 years in Orange County. I’d been to some of these in the reasonable past, but not all, so I was a busy gal catching up on the status of the others.

By Fifi Chao June 27, 2016 midnight share »

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