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Vanspeed Makes Custom-Built Adventure Vans

Vanspeed builds custom camper vans made for on the road adventuring.

“It gives the customer the ability to have the vehicle in a driveway then drive to Joshua Tree on a Friday night after work to camp for the weekend,” Chief Executive Duran Morley told the Business Journal.

Vanspeed, founded by Morley in 2017, converts Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans into custom builds for customers based on their specific tastes and needs.

Everything from the carpentry to installation is done in-house at Vanspeed’s 30,000-square-foot headquarters in Westminster, which employs about 30 people. The company also owns another 15,000-square-foot space down the street for shipping and receiving.

Custom builds start at around $140,000 for a complete package, including the vehicle and conversion.

New RV

Vanspeed has seven base layouts, as well as ready-made vans, to choose from.

The layouts are designed for 144” and 170” Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans that are fitted with amenities including off-grid power systems, fully equipped kitchens and showers.

While the layouts are fixed, customers are able to pick materials for the ceiling, walls, flooring and upholstery with the option to add upgrades such as ladders and rooftop tents.

“We bridge the gap between the rugged outdoors and comfort,” Morley said.

The company last year launched Vanspeed Pro to make custom vans for businesses, and offers layouts for mobile pet grooming, medical clinics and hair salons.

Vanspeed is now set to release a new conversion layout for a Class B recreational vehicle called the Summit by the end of this month.

It’s the first new layout Vanspeed has made in four years and will be sold at recreational vehicle dealerships across the U.S.

“RV trailers have always been 20 to 30 years behind trends,” Morley said.

“Our biggest goal is providing a higher quality product and adding a modern touch to how the design is built.”

Adventurous Lifestyle

Vanspeed was founded out of Morley’s passion for adventure and action sports.
Morley grew up in Huntington Beach and spent his days surfing in the mornings before school then hitting the motocross track.

He recalls building motorized beach cruiser bikes for him and his friends at an early age before any of them could drive.

Morley, now 24, started Vanspeed after outgrowing an e-commerce store that he founded called The Van Mart that sells van parts and accessories.

“At that point, people wanted things to get installed and wanted us to do it,” Morley said.

“That’s what really got things growing.”

In the last year, Vanspeed has built over 100 vans and ended with $15 million in revenue, according to Morley.

Morley said he is not looking to fundraise and wants to keep Vanspeed entirely self-funded and “grow naturally.”

For those looking to rent a high-end camper van, rather than own, Costa Mesa-based altCamp offers a fleet of upgraded, high-end Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans for use.

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Sonia Chung
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