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Syntiant’s Security Options Expand, Via Computer Vision

Irvine-based chip company Syntiant Corp. is adding to its product line.

The firm, founded in 2017, has to date been best known primarily for low-power chips that respond to voice and speech, and can wake up a device, such as Amazon’s Alexa, or have it perform a specific function. Its chips use a tiny amount of energy when compared to current semiconductor standards.

“Our previous deep-learning solutions were focused on voice as an interface,” said Chief Executive Kurt Busch.

He noted that the company is now expanding its artificial intelligence capabilities further into computer vision and other sensors—with potential applications in the security area, for example.

The company’s expansion now positions it well for other applications such as home security with smart cameras and doorbells, according to the CEO.

“We’ve rolled out a computer vision product line,” according to Busch.

Computer vision is the subcategory of artificial intelligence that focuses on building and using digital systems to process, analyze and interpret visual data.

2023 Sales Gains

Syntiant says that with its computer vision models for smart doorbells, for example, “you can actually discern between a car, a pet and a person.”

“We see that computer vision perhaps doubles our addressable market, maybe even more,” according to the Syntiant CEO.

“At CES, we’re going to be showing solutions for videoconferencing, for smart cameras, and other security applications,” Busch told the Business Journal last month.

The displays will also include smart door locks, battery management for electric vehicles, and sound detection such as glass break-in.

Busch says Syntiant is already in the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor system, and will be demonstrating other examples of glass break-in systems and smoke detection and fire detection, for example.

He expects computer vision to “add significantly” to 2023 revenue, though the amounts aren’t disclosed.

“We’re looking at 2023 to be a record year,” according to the CEO.

—Kevin Costelloe

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Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe
Tech reporter at Orange County Business Journal

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