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OC Cos. Show Their Wares Virtually at CES

From large to small, OC companies used a new virtual format to show their wares at the online CES 2021 show earlier this month, after the coronavirus made the usual in-person Las Vegas extravaganza impossible to hold in person.

And for those looking ahead to next year, the organizers of CES, the country’s largest tech and electronics trade convention, say they are planning a hybrid digital/in-person event in Las Vegas.

Some of the more notable products featured by local companies in the online CES this year follow below:

Skyworks Solutions

Chipmaker Skyworks Solutions Inc. in Irvine had a demo with San Jose-based logic device firm Xilinx Inc. in a virtual booth that highlighted the transition to 5G infrastructure.

Skyworks (Nasdaq: SWKS) is accelerating the adoption of 5G by enabling enhanced connections and powering more efficient range extension for small cells.

To demonstrate the benefits of the technology during the CES 2021 show, Skyworks collaborated with Xilinx (Nasdaq: XLNX) to showcase the spectral and power efficiency achievable using the SKY66318-21 power amplifier in 5G infrastructure applications.

Skyworks Solutions, one of OC’s largest public companies with a market value of about $27 billion, also announced a partnership with Taiwanese company ASUS for the world’s first, ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6E router. The router supports speeds of up to 11 gigabit-per-second. 


Gaming product maker Razer, which is co-headquartered in Irvine and Singapore, used the timing of the CES 2021 to announce its latest concept—a futuristic transparent face mask featuring a medical-grade respirator and a built-in microphone and amplifier for games and other uses.

The product is still in the concept phase and no date for possible production has been announced. Also a ways out: a conceptual, immersive video gaming chair, with a rollaway screen, modular armrests and a collapsible table was unveiled by the company.


While chipmaker Syntiant Corp. in Irvine did not have a virtual booth, the company scooped up a CES Innovation Award for the second year in a row, this time for its recently introduced NDP120 processor.

The Syntiant NDP120 is the company’s latest generation of special purpose chips for audio and sensor processing for always-on applications in battery-powered devices.

“We believe our deep learning solutions will be the technology that bridges the gap between people and machines, and ultimately better connect people with people,” Chief Executive Kurt Busch said in commenting on the award.

Panasonic Avionics

Panasonic Avionics, a Lake Forest maker of in-flight entertainment systems and related products, promoted several recently unveiled offerings, including its “Welcome Aboard Collection,” which is designed to address passenger concerns during the COVID-19 crisis.

The system includes in-flight entertainment elements, as well as features designed to digitize print publications, integrate the passengers’ trusted personal device into the IFE experience and improve air quality.

“Panasonic Avionics is proud to join with our other Panasonic businesses in exhibiting how our solutions are helping businesses and communities to move forward despite the challenges of the new normal,” the company said on its website.


Konka North America, a company in Irvine better known for its televisions, is introducing a line of smart home products, including video doorbells, as well as smart plugs and smart lighting products.

In addition, the company expanded its Android TV line to include super-size screens such as an 82-inch model. Konka debuted in the U.S. market a year ago with three series of Android TVs that underscored the company’s mission of offering consumers high quality products that utilize the latest innovative technologies and provide consumer value.


Privately held InWith Corp. in Irvine premiered what it called the most advanced platform for computerized applications in soft contact lenses during its CES presentation.

“With InWith’s technology, the augmented lens is just like the soft contact lens 150 million people use every day. Except they’re connected to your phone. They harvest energy from the normal blinking of the eyes. Check your blood sugar. Send alerts and notifications,” Forbes magazine reported.

“This opens the door to hundreds of new devices: blood chemistry for cancer and virus detection, drug delivery, artificial organ parts with electronics for movement,” Forbes quoted Chief Executive Michael Hayes as saying in an interview.

“This is the next big wave; the merger of the mobile device into the human body for full monitoring of your health. It will lead to less disease and longer lives.”


Targus, a provider of laptop bags, tablet cases, universal docking stations and other mobile accessories with headquarters in Anaheim, also presented new products at the virtual CES 2021.

They included a UV-C LED desktop disinfection light that provides safe and consistent no-touch ultraviolet disinfection.

Targus was named a CES 2021 Innovation Award honoree for the light, marking the third year in a row the company has received the award.

The company also featured the Universal USB-C PhoneDock featuring 6 ports, ethernet, HDMI, and charging as well as an antimicrobial backpack.

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Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe
Tech reporter at Orange County Business Journal

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