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Hiperwall Adds Features as Video Wall Demand Grows

Customer Numbers Rise For Irvine Software Firm

Irvine-based software maker Hiperwall Inc. has introduced the latest update to its software to keep up with the growing global demand for video wall displays.

The company’s technology powers video displays at various sites including police dispatch centers, military locations, security operation centers, corporate offices and universities.

Hiperwall had 3,000 customer installations in 71 countries at the start of last year, and the number of installs has been growing at a 5% to 6% annual pace since then, according to the company.

“We’ve seen a lot of recent traction with law enforcement, city governments and utilities companies,” CEO Tom Scott told the Business Journal on Sept. 15.

Local users of the company’s products include the University of California, Irvine, as well as the Irvine Police Department, the Santa Ana Police Department, SoCal Edison and SoCal Gas.

Some other sample customers include the New York Police Department, space agency NASA, Warner Brothers, IntelSat and airline JetBlue. Hiperwall began as a research project funded by the National Science Foundation at UCI in 2004.

Hiperwall’s main competitors are Userful of San Ramon and VuWall with North American headquarters in Montreal.

“Some video wall brands like Barco and Christie offer proprietary hardware and software—they would be considered indirect competitors,” according to Scott.

Hardware Agnostic

“We don’t sell hardware, which is a great value-add to customers as they’re not locked into a specific system and can use any off-the-shelf displays and computers,” says Scott.

That makes system procurement very cost effective and expanding a system down the road is easy.

The latest updates in Hiperwall 8.0 include tighter control over content sharing on the video walls and seamless connections among video walls covering several countries.

It also helps guarantee “content integrity,” verifying that the original content of a message has not been modified. This feature is especially important for secure locations.

Military, Airports

The enhancements benefit government, military, security and network operations, airports, the medical sector and financial institutions, according to the company.

Hiperwall’s IP-based video wall software platform now allows administrators to better manage content integrity by assigning users access to specified regions of the video wall.

The software can be used with any hardware, giving users greater flexibility.

Administrators with full permissions can access all regions, move objects between them, and take over the entire wall when necessary, according to the company’s Sept. 15 announcement of 8.0.

HiperZones, a new feature of Version 8.0, allows video wall administrators to maintain integrity of displayed content by reducing the possibility of unwanted interference by users.

“This technology also allows customers to drive multiple video walls from a single controller, and assign teams of operators to each wall, ensuring no possibility of one group compromising the data on another group’s video wall,” Scott said.

Another feature, HiperCast Pull, makes sharing content between an organization’s various Hiperwall-powered video walls easy, without any network or server changes.

Due to the complex network security requirements many government agencies, security operations centers and network operations centers have in place, sharing content between multiple video walls can be challenging and compromising to network security integrity.

“Hiperwall software is tailored to each customer. No two are the same, thus the licenses and add-ons that each require are different,” Scott said.

Hiperwall employs 18 people, all of them in Irvine. The CEO emphasizes that “we’re always looking for software engineers” to join the staff.

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Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe
Tech reporter at Orange County Business Journal

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