OC50 2023: Joe Kiani



WHY: Founded Irvine-based patient monitoring company in 1989 specializing in pulse oximeter technology, which measures oxygen levels for patients. Sales historically have geared toward hospital use, now expanding to smartwatches, hearing aids, baby monitoring products and other consumer-focused products. Among OC’s most-valuable public companies.

BY THE NUMBERS: Last year reported sales of $2 billion, more than doubling since 2019. Masimo valued at nearly $8.3 billion. Last year made largest-ever acquisition, $1 billion buy of Carlsbad’s Sound United, to help with pivot to more consumer-oriented products.

FUTURE PLANS: Developed W1, a “biosensing health watch for consumers,” in a 127,000-square-foot building on 58 Discovery in Irvine, next to the company’s headquarters. Preparing to debut second watch, Freedom, and in April received approval for its Opioid Halo, making it the first and only FDA-cleared monitoring solution for detecting opioid-induced respiratory depression, the leading cause of death from opioid overdoses. On May 1, Masimo began marketing the product to drugstores and addiction treatment centers.

IN THEIR WORDS: “We are looking forward to continuing to be the technology of choice in top hospitals around the world. We are equally committed to bringing the accuracy and reliability we are known for directly to consumers and solving the ‘unsolvable’ in personal health technology.”

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