OC50 2023: Bradley Morrison


Bradley Morrison

WHY: In 2020 founded cancer treatment company that recently received a U.S. patent for its drug, ANV221, which the company aims to use to treat pancreatic cancer. Received FDA’s orphan drug designation in 2021.

BY THE NUMBERS: Aims to raise $500,000 though it plans to bring its treatment to clinics with little funding from investors, instead turning to grants from government foundations. Also developing veterinary version of drug that targets canine cancer to financially support operations.

FUTURE PLANS: Anviron has developed a means to inhibit the protein that triggers the proliferation of pancreatic cells. The company has completed mouse studies in which its drug outperformed the standard of care by dissolving pancreatic cancer tumors within two weeks. Now, Anviron is looking to commence a canine clinical trial, which, if successful, will result in “virtually automatic FDA conditional approvals,” Morrison said.

IN THEIR WORDS: Anviron’s ANV221 received orphan drug designation from the FDA “when we demonstrated superior performance over current chemotherapies in pancreatic mouse models,” Morrison told the Business Journal.

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