OC50 2023: Bernard Zovighian


Bernard Zovighian

WHY: Recently took over top spot at Orange County’s most valuable medical device maker from Mike Mussallem, only CEO the heart valve company has known since going public in 2000.

BY THE NUMBERS: Previously headed smallest but fastest-growing unit, Transcatheter Mitral and Triscupid Therapies, which doubled sales to $86 million in 2021 and nearly 50% to $116 million in 2022. Heads company that forecast 2023 sales growing 10% to 12% to $5.6 billion to $6 billion.

FUTURE PLANS: Sees higher revenue as hospitals return to normal following COVID-19; tells analysts that total addressable market could double to $20 billion by 2028.

IN THEIR WORDS: Zovighian said at annual meeting May 11 when Mussallem officially stepped down as CEO: “Mike, you have been an inspiration for all of us across the company as well as the medtech industry.”

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