The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, a long-standing community event that generates millions in economic benefits, has been canceled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce said Wednesday.

The event, which would have been in its 112th year, typically brings in north of a million people over a five-day period, pulling in businesses from all corners of the county and generating millions for the city.

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The event began in 1908 and is organized by the Commodores Club, a volunteer arm of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, with help from independent nonprofit Newport Beach & Co., the city’s destination marketing organization.

“It was our hope that conditions would improve or at least remain static. However, looking at what is happening across the country, as well as in our own backyard, that is simply not the case,” said Steven Rosansky, president and CEO of the city Chamber of Commerce.

“Governor Newsom made it clear at his recent press conference that conditions are worsening across the State of California and that we need to put on the ‘emergency brake’ to slow the spread of coronavirus.”

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