Dr. Nichole Quick, who has been the subject of public criticism due to a face mask order she issued in late May, resigned Monday evening as Orange County’s chief health officer.

Quick was threatened at several Orange County Board of Supervisors meetings in May by residents criticizing her mandate to require face coverings for the public.

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The Orange County Medical Association released a statement regarding the resignation, saying it is “appalled at the personal threats and willful ignorance by some members of our community that ultimately led to her resignation.”

“We as physicians understand people are tired and frustrated after months of personal sacrifices we all have made to keep each other safe. We are too,” said OCMA President Diana Ramos. “But our primary focus is on ensuring the proper care and safety of all our patients in light of COVID-19. This public health crisis is not over. As we begin to re-open our county, the science is clear: wearing a face covering can help slow the spread of this deadly virus.”

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