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UCI: Humanities Gateway building

UCI: Humanities Gateway building

The University of California-Irvine has received $2.7 million from the New York City-based Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to broaden access to its Ph.D. program in Humanities by providing funding for tuition and teaching fellowships.

The pilot program is expected to increase the number of students in the Ph.D. program who might otherwise not be able to afford tuition or find work.

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“A shorter and more generously supported pathway through graduate school will attract … underrepresented students into our graduate programs and thus eventually into the faculty cohort,” said Georges Van Den Abbeele, dean of the School of Humanities.

The dean said UCI hoped the program would “become a national model” of preparing professors “for the kinds of teaching needed in the 21st century.”

UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman said, “This support … ensures the kind of new thinking that will allow us to maintain [our] leadership,” in humanities education.