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The heads of Irvine-based law firm Busch & Caspino have announced they are forming two separate law firms.

Tim Busch, who ran the Busch Firm before joining forces with Michael Caspino last March, will take the former name for his new office. Busch will continue his work on high-net-worth estate planning, tax services, corporate transactions and real estate services.

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Caspino focuses on business litigation and employment law. He is expected to form his own firm and continue to serve his clients, according to a statement by Busch & Caspino.

The combined firm had a specialty focus on matters involving Roman Catholic entities nationwide.

“We have enjoyed the partnership with Mike Caspino over the last year, but Mike and I both believe we can better serve our clients through separate and distinct law firms,” Busch said.

“Our desire as attorneys is to be flexible and best serve our client’s needs,” Caspino said. “It’s better if the litigation practice is distinct from the transactional side.”

Caspino previously worked at Brady, Vorwerck, Ryder and Caspino in Orange, which last year announced plans to dissolve its practice.