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OC 500 2019 More Back issues

The 2019 OC 500 publishes Monday, Nov. 4.

The stand-alone book is the fourth annual edition of OC’s “Directory of Influence.”

The 500 names—about 40% of which are new to the book this year—span county areas of effort and industries from community leaders to educators; finance, healthcare, real estate, tech and other firms; and notables in the community of business over the last 12 months.

A new section this year focuses on innovation, and the perennial “Hall of Fame” category is again the capstone of the book.

“The 4th edition of the Business Journal’s OC 500 represents a selection of local newsmakers, influencers, business executives and others that drive Orange County’s diverse and always-changing economy,” said Editor Mark Mueller. “Each member of the list has made a positive mark on OC’s Community of Business over the course of the past year.”

The 2019 OC 500 ships to subscribers with their regular Monday issue; new subscribers will receive it soon after. For more information, see the Nov. 4 print edition of the Business Journal.