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OC Companies Provide Tech Help For Return to Work Efforts

Here’s a look at how tech companies are helping businesses return to work as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed.

UST Global

Aliso Viejo-based UST Global Inc., which provides tech services to large corporations, has a new service offering, Return to Work Digital Solutions for Enterprises.

The readiness model includes integration of public COVID-19 data and employee data to show the impact to businesses and help manage employee risk.

It also features computer-linked devices for monitoring in the workplace, while video analytics ensures adherence to safety regulations.

CEO Krishna Sudheendra said the service is “engineered to make the employees feel safe, as well as to encourage the staff to return to offices by ensuring infection-free workspaces.”


To predict future hot zones, the Costa Mesa-based financial and health data company Experian PLC produced the COVID-19 Outlook and Response Evaluator (CORE) heat map, which is available for free in the U.S. The application allows health and government leaders to forecast how a specific area may be affected in an economic or health way.

The application also shows what areas may be most at risk based on the health conditions such as heart disease or lung conditions that make COVID-19 more deadly.


Irvine-based Cognize Inc., a health science and technology company, recently launched an AI-powered cognitive platform People, Health and Safety to help companies ensure compliance with mandates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The platform delivers an overview of people’s individual positions, groupings, temperatures, as well as identifying those not wearing masks. 

Titan HST

Titan Health & Securities Technology Inc. in Newport Beach has introduced COVID-tracing Population Density Monitoring and Asset Tracking to the company’s emergency communications platform.

The system includes infection contact tracing by means of telephones that are near each other and also allows for tracing when an infected individual is in an area or zone and other individual enters the same area or zone.

It provides for reports and notification on potentially exposed individuals and employees, and notification to business administrators when pre-set numbers of people in an area are exceeded, while letting users pinpoint COVID-19 hot spots.


CorVel Corp., (Nasdaq: CRVL) which provides workers’ compensation services to employers, the government and others, has introduced the expansion of case management resources and virtual tools to support injured workers throughout COVID-19 as well as to assist organizations transitioning back to the workplace.

The features include virtual wellness checks by nurse case managers to ensure precautionary measures are followed to prevent COVID-19 exposure, while facilitating the use of “direct-to-telehealth programs to provide care for workers whose physicians are not currently practicing in a brick and mortar facility.”

In addition, an app promotes, measures, and reports conditioning and rehabilitation for injured workers recovering at home.

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Kevin Costelloe
Kevin Costelloe
Tech reporter at Orange County Business Journal

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